How Vitality Works

Talk into your mobile device for 30 seconds. Your voice sample is uploaded and processed on our secure servers. Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the unique frequencies of your voice and provides an instant report, giving you valuable insight into key aspects of your vitality and wellbeing.

How It Works

Three Simple Steps

1Record Your Voice

Speak into the microphone of your mobile device for 30 seconds to gather voice data.

Three Simple Steps

2Receive an Instant Report

Your vocal data is instantly analyzed to provide a personalized report with specific recommendations to support you in achieving optimal wellness.

Three Simple Steps

3Track Your Progress

Get the support you need daily, weekly and monthly to optimize your health, wellness, and vitality.


“I had no idea so much information was contained in my voice. That is truly amazing. What the report says about my body is very accurate.”

- Olivia P. — Personal Fitness Coach

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