Our Purpose

The founders of Soniphi discovered many years ago that frequency and light held the key to understanding many of the phenomena that current scientific concepts cannot explain. While the founders were pursuing successful ventures in mainstream technology companies, funding and research was conducted in private and through the public venture of The Resonance Project Foundation to help discover the science behind these phenomena.

Soniphi's patented technology will benefit human and animal health, agriculture, water, and the global environment. Our purpose is to create a transformation in awareness in multiple areas of scientific inquiry, through user-friendly, evolutionary technology. When we are successful, we will provide a system of monitoring our holistic state of wellbeing, providing health support without the need for toxic drugs, growing food that realizes significant nutritional and yield benefits without chemicals, supporting animal health without drugs or chemicals, and transforming water into its highest potential. We believe that optimal wellness is experienced by harmonic resonance, both within and outside of ourselves. We are excited to collaborate with others to realize this vision. A portion of our profits will always be used to support research and projects that help move this technology forward for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

SONIPHI was founded with a vision to create the technologies of the future today. We are accelerating technological advancement to satisfy a demand in the global community for greater health, wellness, awareness, and non-toxic support that resonates with the very nature of life itself.

Scientific History of Harmonic Resonance


Cambridge Professor Bruce Willis: His phthongometer was the first instrument to reproduce the spectrum of vowel sounds in the human voice. The key requirement was 'to align the sound of the voice with the vibrating universe."

Rousselot, a Catholic Priest and French scientist, widely regarded as the father of experimental phonetics. He introduced medical physiology and pathology to the science of phonetics.


William Koenig from Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York built the first sound spectrograph measuring detailed frequency and harmonic information in the voice.

Alfred Tomatis, a French physician, discovered that the ears emit sound frequencies and that there is a connection between the voice and hearing. His work led to sound treatments for depression, autism, learning disabilities, and schizophrenia.

Wallace Morrison, a medical doctor in New York, was the first researcher to demonstrate voice abnormalities correlating with diseases. Morrison demonstrated changes in these vocal signatures in cerebral palsy.


Professor Gerald Canter from Northwest University was the first to demonstrate brain abnormalities in voice parameters in Parkinson’s patients.

University studies began to measure unique vocal architecture in Schizophrenia, depression, MS, rhinitis, dysarthria, laryngeal reflux disease and thyroid cancer. Voice feedback therapy, and music therapy developed as treatment modalities.


Work in various locations began on the foundational aspect of understanding the actual information embedded in the voice. Although the SONIPHI technology would be fully advanced in 2014 from breakthrough research not based on previous technology, R&D on the vocal/physiological relationship progressed significantly during this time.


SONIPHI was founded and began developing an advanced technology platform for voice analysis and biofeedback frequency enhancement. A team of experts from around the country gathered to complete the mobile platform and wearable technology.


After 2 years of refinement to our proprietary dynamic voice analysis engine, VITALITY is ready to be launched. The first of many apps providing in-depth wellness biometrics, VITALITY revolutionizes the way we look at mobile wellness tracking and support. A new field of biofeedback is now being developed through our patented wearable technology. Real-time biofeedback, based on vocal information, provides an entirely new method of supporting well-being.