Our Company

Soniphi’s mission is to create a healthier world using resonant frequencies.

Soniphi’s patented technology will benefit human and animal health, agriculture, water, and the global environment. Our purpose is to create a transformation in awareness in multiple areas of scientific inquiry, through user-friendly, evolutionary technology.

We will provide a system of monitoring our holistic state of wellbeing, providing health support without the need for toxic drugs, growing food that realizes significant nutritional and yield benefits without chemicals, supporting animal health without drugs or chemicals, and transforming water into its highest potential.

The Team

Optimal wellness is experienced by harmonic resonance, both within and outside of ourselves. We are excited to collaborate with others to realize this vision. A portion of our profits will always be used to support research and projects that help move this technology forward for the benefit of all.

Mark Hinds

Successful Serial Entrepreneur

1998-2006 Turned $16.8mil into $121mil (IPO) w/ real estate

Co-Founder The Resonance Project (w/ Nassim Haramien)

Novus Via Co-Founder 2011

Successfully Raised $20mil and took all 4 product to market

Matthew Sanderson
Chief Technology Officer

20 yrs experience in health and wellness researching sound and frequency

Certified Nutritionist w/ a degree in Biology

Extensive research experience, analytical software, music theory andtherapies, and development of the SONIPHI technology

Jim McClanahan
Chief Operations Officer

30+ yrs global technology leadership

Worked with Fortune 500 companies to deliver leading-edge technology solutions.

Past CIO experience in three public companies General Electric, NISSAN, Delphi, and Snap-on Tools

MGMT experience: 400 employees and operating budgets of up to $175 million.

Deric Solis
Lead Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from North Carolina State University with a specialization in Mechatronics.

Pursued research in physics and experimented with unique geometries of quartz crystals known as Vogel crystals.

Beth McDougall, MD
Medical Director

In medical practice for 16 years and is the founder and medical director of CLEAR Center of Health, an interdisciplinary, Integrative medical clinic in Mill Valley, California.

Helped start a university department that coordinated research, clinical services, and education in spirituality, cross-cultural medicine, and Integrative Medicine.

Honored by the American Holistic Medical Association.