VITALITY uses proprietary technology to analyze the unique frequencies of your voice.

Measurable changes in your voice reflect changes in your body and its state of wellness.


Your nervous system is in constant communication with your brain. The vocal cords are hardwired to the brain via the Vagus nerve, which is connected to the entire parasympathetic nervous system. The voice, therefore, carries all the impulses and frequencies contained within the body, and the VITALITY App decodes it by spectral analysis and unique algorithms.

This technology reveals, with incredible accuracy, the inner world of frequencies that determine your, vitality, energy and health. Everything in existence emits a vibrational signature. The VITALITY App analyzes this signature through information embedded in the human voice.


This technology is remarkable

“I paid a lot to have my blood tested for blood deficiencies and VITALITY revealed the same issues; all with just 30 seconds of my voice over the phone!”

Zhena M.Author/Publisher

Accurate nutrients

“It is still hard to believe that VITALITY was able to read my voice and show me the deficiences in my minerals and vitamins. It is so confirming to me. I am blown away by the accuracy of this technology.”

Kelsey R.Athlete, Trainer

Blood test confirmation

“I am a good subject, because I have already had blood analysis done, so I can confirm that what this report says exactly what I have been dealing with for a long time! It is amazing that VITALITY can see all that without blood tests.”

Rebecca M.Public Relations

Gluten intolerance and Candida

“The nutrition analysis revealed frequencies related to a gluten intolerance and also Candida overgrowth that is probably the source of my digestive problems and low energy. I am so amazed that this is all in my voice, I’m excited to use VITALITY to find out more!”

Jennifer R.Real Estate Agent

Amazing information

“This is so incredible! How does it do it that? Just from my voice, you can get pages of information about my body’s physiology and health issues! I have been suffering from these symptoms for years and never got to the bottom of the causes. Now I can see the wheat intolerance and inability to digest dairy are causing a lot of my digestive problems.”

Jamie T.Radiology Technician