Features & Benefits

Soniphi’s technology overcomes the harshness and limitations of compressed digital audio to create a natural harmonic experience that resonates with your body’s natural frequency.

Sounds Amazing

Natural deep harmonic sound without the distortion of traditional speakers

Smoothing of sound from harsh digital conversions

Energy efficient

Soniphi can deliver deep powerful music at a fraction of the energy required by traditional audio.

Deep bass without subwoofer

Minimize ear damage

Soniphi technology has been shown to reduce or eliminate ringing in the ears

Feels good to the body even at very high volumes.


Personal audio


Car audio



Studio Production



Health Tech

Consumer Device

Hearing Aids


Listening to loud music for extended periods can damage the ears. Soniphi has been shown to reduce or eliminate ringing in the ears, and feels good to the body even at high volumes.


Soniphi’s patented audio and frequency technology produces natural, immersive sound which can be used to reduce ear fatigue, stress, and acoustic interference patterns.


Developed over 30 years of research by the pioneers behind the Bose Acoustimass system, we harness the power of nature through a balance of harmonics, resonance and the phi ratio.