Soniphi's Frequency Enhanced Grow Tech

From home gardening to industrial food production, we serve all your soil-based, greenhouse and hydroponic agriculture needs.


We are creating a world where crops grow without heavy pesticides or fertilizers, and remain healthy even in drought.

Increased revenue – Faster growth rates, higher nutritional density and more robust plants enable the grower to improve margins.

Lower costs – Reduce the need for pesticides, reducing capital costs, while decreasing the amount of fertilizer required and reducing loss from pests.

After 20 years of development, Soniphi has created a modular, scalable process for frequency based farming.

Improve Yields, Nutritional Density & Growth Rates by 85% or more

Pest & Mildew Resistance

Environmentally safe – No pesticides, less fertilizer

Drought Tolerance

We address all aspects of plant growth