Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the VITALITY app?

A: The VITALITY app is the result of over 20 years of research to develop a technology that allows information in the human voice to be analyzed, providing insight into wellness. This revolutionary new voice analysis technology reveals patterns underlying your wellbeing and energy in real-time through the use of dynamic voice analysis.

Q: How does VITALITY work?

A: Data imbedded in the human voice contains all of the information of organs, muscular / skeletal functions, vitamins, minerals, biochemical systems, emotions and more. The VITALITY technology analyzes this information imbedded in your voice. Proprietary algorithms process the signals coming from the voice, and determine your Vitality Score based on vocal architecture. Personalized recommendations are provided to support wellness.

Q: How was the VITALITY app technology developed?

A: From the 20+ years of research that was conducted on the development of the technology, over 10,000 people were analyzed to develop the technology. The research was done in research facilities and clinical settings. The research was conducted in conjunction with multiple scientists, MD’s, PhD’s, and other technicians. SONIPHI, the parent company behind the VITALITY technology has a significant database of advancements in this groundbreaking field and will be introducing many other aspects of this technology soon.

Q: What’s the best times to use VITALITY?

A: It is recommended to use VITALITY throughout the day and evening. Different times will begin providing insight into patterns associated with body functions at those times. For instance, using VITALITY in the morning will give you recommendations that can support your vitality and energy throughout the day. Using the app throughout the day to reveal changes, patterns and in tracking your wellness allows, for the first time, that ability to see patterns that affect your wellbeing.

Here are specific ways you can use the VITALITY App:

MUSCLES: Take a voice sample right before you begin your workout. Then, take another voice sample right after your workout. This will show what muscles were worked out the hardest.

SLEEP: Example: If you're having difficulty sleeping do a voice recording to discover information that can support your sleep.

ENERGY: When you feel you’re low in energy, do a voice analysis to determine possible influencing energetic factors.

STRESS, HYDRATION, DIGESTION: Try Vitality anytime to get a deeper understanding of your state of being.

Q: Can the VITALITY app be used to replace medical advice?

A: VITALITY is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or provide treatment of any kind.

Q: Can the VITALITY app tell me what is wrong with me?

A: VITALITY does not diagnose illness, but can give you real-time information about the acoustic signatures related to many common problems, including nutrient deficiencies, muscle stress, toxic overload, pathogens, neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances, and more.

Q: How do I connect with friends on VITALITY?

A: Use the “Share” button on your Results screen in the app and choose which social media platform you want to use. Share your Vitality Scores and Reports with your friends and family to motivate eachother to reach optimal wellness!


Q: How should I speak for best results?

A: Make sure you are in a quiet place without background noise. Hold the microphone about 6 inches from your mouth. Speak in your normal voice just like you are speaking to someone next to you. Any language will work. For best results, use the language you are most comfortable with. Changing your accent, doing impersonations, etc, will affect accuracy. It is best to speak normally and not read.

Q: Do I need to speak English?

A: VITALITY can analyze the voice in any language. It’s the unique signature of your voice pitch and frequency that is measured by VITALITY.

Q: Will I get the same results if I am in a noisy environment?

A: VITALITY is most effective in quiet environments where only the voice of one person is analyzed, and there are no other sounds, clicks, humming motors and fans, or music.

Q: Will I get different results right after I have eaten or done a workout, or other things?

A: Activity and anything you put in your body will change your vocal characteristics and frequency balance. The acoustic signature of certain muscles may be low after an intense workout and your vitality score may be lower for a period of time, as your body recovers. This indicates you have worked out those muscles! Give plenty of time for recovery after working out.


Q: Why do I get different results when I use the app?

A: There are many influences that affect your results. The environment could have changed. For instance, recording in a bathroom will create lots of echoes and interference. One environment may have more background noise than another. Internally, your body is also changing constantly as it adjusts to the environment you are in, the foods you are consuming, and the people you are with. Watch for trends to see how your vitality is being affected by over time.

Q: Why isn’t my report accurate?

A: See the How To Use section, and follow directions precisely. Though VITALITY makes use of the most current noise filtering technology, it is possible that your results were influenced by your environment, or distortion in your recording due to microphone proximity, or the way you are speaking.


Q: What happens to my personal data?

A: We value your privacy and personal information and will not share your personal data. VITALITY uses some of this anonymous data to analyze global population trends as seen on our website. See Privacy Statement/Terms of Use for more information.

Q: What does VITALITY do with my recordings?

A: VITALITY analyzes the voice in real time, and does not save your vocal recording. Only the numerical data from your speech is saved in your profile for analysis and to provide data to the app for your reports and history.